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Utica Torque Torque Wrenches

Utica offers dependable, high quality torque tools for a variety of industries, from electronics to motor vehicle assemblies.

Made of top grade materials that are heat-treated for durability and strength, Utica's line of torque-limiting screwdrivers and ''click'' style torque wrenches enhance accuracy while providing consistent performance over the long term. Additionally, all Utica Torque Products meet ASME B107.14M standards of calibration, and Utica manufacturing processes are ISO 9001-certified for quality standards.

To learn more about Utica torque-limiting screwdrivers and ''click'' style torque wrenches, explore the links below or contact a MRO Tools sales representative.

Utica ''Click''-Style Torque Wrenches

When you're looking for maximum torque accuracy, look no further than Utica ''click'' style torque wrenches from Apex Power Tools.

The patented, low-friction torque control mechanism produces highly accurate readings in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Additionally, the patented spring-loading locking collar in each Utica torque wrench locks locks the scale in the desired torque setting.

Utica offers dependable, high quality torque tools for a variety of industries

Other features of the Utica ''Click'' Style Torque Wrenches include:

- Nickel-plated heavy-duty hardened case
- Forged arm for strength and durability
- Actuator precision machined from hardened steel
- Specially tempered spring for accuracy and repeatability
- Comfort grip to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity

All Utica ''click'' style torque wrenches are heat-treated to ensure dependability, even in harsh environments and with high-repetition use. Utica's ''click''-type torque wrench collection includes ratchet heads and two interchangeable head sizes.

Utica Accessories

To provide comprehensive solutions, Utica offers torque and general accessories that can further enhance your productivity. Find torque analyzers that can accurately set torque on pneumatic tools. Utica also offers the bits, drivers, adapters and other accessories needed during your fastening operations. Each tool is designed for maximum quality and durability - performance you can depend on for years to come.