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Utica 'B' Size Series Torque Wrenches

Utica 'B' Size Series Torque Wrenches

Built to precise standards, Utica 'click-style' torque wrenches always maintain maximum accuracy. Utica 'click-style' torque wrenches are manufactured using high grade materials. The longevity of service and durability of a Utica click-style torque wrench's working parts is due to the heat-treatment method. Each 'click-style' torque wrench from Utica is tested and meets NIST standards.

The method used for calibrating all Utica click torque wrenches is the same, whether it is a small Utica click torque wrench or a large Utica click torque wrench because of the common use of parts. The development and related expense of different procedures for different wrench sizes is therefore unnecessary.

Built to precise standards, the Utica 'B' Size Series Torque wrench will always maintain maximum accuracy.

Utica's audible ''click'' plus a few degrees of travel provides a simple, quick indication that the operator has achieved the predetermined torque setting. All Utica click wrenches incorporate a patented, low friction torque control mechanism that produces highly accurate readings in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. Plus, a patented, spring-loaded locking collar locks the scale on the desired torque setting. This prevents the operator from accidentally using the wrench in the unlocked position.

Utica Torque Tools is a name you can trust when in the market for high quality and dependable torque tools that are perfect for any industry. Utica Torque Products has a goal which is to provide high quality torque tools that will maintain accuracy as long as possible.

All Utica Torque Products are made of top grade materials, and the working parts on these torque tools are heat transferred to add strength and durability. Before they leave the plant, all Utica Torque Products are calibrated according to ASME B107.14M using equipment traceable to NIST. The manufacturing process at Utica is ISO 9001 certified which means that Utica torque products are of high quality and manufactured to the highest standards.

Utica 'B' Size Series Torque wrench Features

  • Designed for higher torque applications than ''A'' size series.
  • Accept a variety of head configurations to suit many fastener requirements.
  • Common center principal allows simple exchange or replacement of heads without need for recalibration.
  • Choice of micrometer adjustable or single setting (preset) models with same click action and features as A series wrenches.
  • Accuracy is +4% of setting right hand and +6% of setting left hand within upper 80% of scale.
  • Calibration certificate can be requested when ordering.

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